I am a thinker, I believe there are solutions to every problem in this world, if we are positive and challenge our self imposed limits, we CAN achieve anything.

My journey through life has touched people with ideas, intellect and humor as a presenter, thinker, strategist and a spiritually inspired being.

I ask you, rather crudely, are you an idealist? Do you look for “utopia”, “a perfect family, friend, company, government, world…” or do you simply adjust to the “realities” of life? Do you think you can make a “difference” in this life of yours or do you feel powerless? Like the students in Dead Poet’s Society? or in Pink Floyd’s The Wall – I do believe in ideals and that I can make a difference, however small.

I consult companies to deliver, train people to inspire, speak to mesmerize, have dreams to reverse the recession through positive thinking and global events, telecoms and IT to the core of changing our lives with useful technology. But then, as a human being I am a perfectionist who loves to make people around him happy spiritually, enjoy lots of Jazz and good flicks all packaged in wit, satire and humor that starts with self critique. Check out my blog roll for interesting stuff.

My life revolves around several spheres…

If you want to make the world a better place, I am a world peace activist who is working towards that goal

  • Promoting tolerance, love and harmony between religions and people via A Happy World and am also an admirer of Tony Blair Faith Foundation and a fan of his Facebook Group
  • I’ve also started an initiative to help poor children in third world countries via a unique program Learn2Earn
  • For all my initiatives, I appreciate voluntary involvement at a personal, corporate or governmental level

If you would like to define or improve your strategy or human assets development via consulting, training, motivational public speaking par excellence

  • I can assist via Strategy2Action and via a comprehensive corporate excellence model at CRSCube
  • You can see my professional career and achievements profile here
  • I am also organizing an investors conference in the Middle East with a global anti-recession vision, and looking for credible partners, fundseekers and investors to “make it happen.”
  • Most of my presentations are online and may be worth browsing from a practically idealistic angle

If you have any relationship or interest in the telecom industry

  • I am a telecom consultant and innovator, I also represent several firms in the region.
  • See my paper at MECOM Abu Dhabi on Turning roads into perfectly monitored airways
  • If you require mobile software applications in Symbian or Java platforms, I may be able to assist through my software partners on Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, OSX or Java platform besides hardware partners for on the telecom network side from outsourcing HR and services to commissioning and technical project management.
  • As a freelancer, I represent Psiloc in the region besides Datawind (PocketSurfer) and JuiceCaster

I can also be reached on Facebook or LinkedIn for a more personal or practical interaction.

All the best in your idealistic journey too!

It’s true we have to work for a living tis’ sad if we only live to work and spend the hours left in mindless “entertainment” which is nothing but the media and advertisers trying’ to catch hold of every second of our attentive time. We all have that little boy or girl in us, collecting daffodils, playing at the beach, climbing trees or watching the stars, why rob ourselves of our innocence in being us, why must we “live up” to false standards of conformity that kill our very soul? And then one day we die, leaving it all behind and nothing changes behind us? Not even our Facebook friends or neighbors remember us a day we are gone, if not less. Attending our funeral shall be a pain to most. Our responsibilities and obligations shall be as disturbed as our bones six feet under, so why not live life to the fullest of our ideals, set the right expectations and make the most of this life while we can still be termed alive!

Keep dreaming, keep living your dreams.


Imran Owais Kazmi

Chief Thinking Officer, Synergize Group
Director MENA,
Mobile: +15165478473, +971 50 5849562, +971 55 8094119

My humble efforts:

Strategy2Action (consulting and training)
CRS Cube (performance management beyond BSC)
A Happy World (rid the world of biases)
Change an LDC (bringing good governance to poor countries)
One World-One Religion (Facebook Group)
Prevention is better than cure (Facebook Group)
Learn2Earn (eliminate poverty)
SayNo2Recession (solutions)
Global Investors’ Conference (funds for deserving firms)
Government Change US Pakistan UAE
Online presentations on wide ranging topics
Health (Dr Robert Young)


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