There is so much we can do together. From health and wealth to personal and global happiness.


  • If you own or work for an organization, I can help you generate profits, recession or not by fine tuning your firm’s strategy or training/motivation requirments.
  • If you would like to further your career as a consultant, you believe you can add REAL value to a firm’s operations, I can help you with a platform, training and guidance on success in the field, just email me a one page summary outlining what do you think will be your edge in an already “over-crowded” consultancy market on


  • I firmly believe good health is the birthright of every human being.
  • I have worked in pharmaceuticals, in close liaision with Doctors, understand the basis, theory and modus operandi behind medical science. I believe medical science has its limits, apart from radiology, scans and surgical intervensions, often in emergency cases.
  • As the alternative to traditional medical science, I vehemently support the efforts of Dr Robert O Young in California, US, read more about him here.


  • I believe happiness, acceptance and love are the birthrights of every human being who travels through the earth, and beyond.
  • While I believe in religion (born in a Muslim family) I do not – in anyway discriminate, nor accept or encourage such discrimination, against any religion, color, caste, race or lingua.
  • I encourage you to join my in my efforts to eliminate bias at a global level here, besides education and livelihood for children and religious harmony at Facebook.

Maybe, just maybe, I can inspire you too to join my inspirational journey immortalized in Spandau Ballet’s “Through the Barricades”




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