Press Release: For Governments’ session chaired and speech delivered on 26 April 2009 at MECOM Abu Dhabi from 4-430pm

(This was the second day of MECOM 09, Government Day Conference detail at focussing on telco Government leaders and vendors from Etisalat, du, the Gartner Group, Avaya, IBM, University of Ioannina
Greece, Vfirst, Abjad, Microsoft and Strategy2Action/Psiloc, location information at

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Mobile phones to take a multifunctional role in driving increasing safety and entertainment.

Something new and exciting is about to happen at MECOM 2009 (Abu Dhabi) on 26 May 2009 in a presentation by the Regional Director MENA of Psiloc and Chief Thinking Officer of Strategy2Action, Imran Owais Kazmi – a NEW perspective on mobile phones successful marriage with car, driver, police and operators is about to be unveiled.

Download pdf Presentation with concept and mechanics

Download Network Diagram

Imran, a seasoned consulting, telecom operator, handset and software professional with a global history of innovation says “we normally think of mobile phones only for calling, texting, games or browsing only, however, when driving, using mobiles, as research has indicated can be WORSE than drunk driving leading to disability, accident or loss of life.

The theme of this presentation is to “GET FAR MORE OUT OF A GPS MOBILE PERSONALLY AND FROM A GOVERNMENT ANGLE THEN EVER DREAMT POSSIBLE” this is done through using a dedicated GPS car mobile connected with a mobile network using an advanced software for multiple uses including music, entertainment, calling, toll deductions, over speeding and traffic fines, parking fines, accident and emergency management.

The key benefits to users will be:

  • use a dedicated car GPS mobile as a car entertainment system providing radio, music connected to car audio system via FM or auxiliary input muting whenever a call is initiated or received
  • GPS location services to get to your destination with ease

From traffic management perspective the benefits are numerous:

  • users will be informed in advance of virtual GPS based toll gates (no expensive and cumbersome hardware investment at roads or vehicles, or recharge mechanism required by Government to install or erect such gates)
  • users will be able to pay as soon as they cross automatically by their mobile balance hence no need to waste time and buy “recharge” cards for toll gates, this can lead to much lower charge rates for consumers, possibility to “MICRO” focus on traffic congestion points
  • users can be charged for traffic fine either by their mobile account or linked credit card account
  • Accident and emergency health management will be at the touch of button or voice command
  • Communication can be done via PUSHTOTALK technology using car charger so it is CONSTANT COMMUNICATION POSSIBILITY BETWEEN DRIVER AND POLICE
  • No need for parking machines, using GPS the charged zones will automatically be billed to the users for as long as they are parked and it can be pro rata as well, that is if you charge for 10 minutes you are paying ONLY for 10 minutes, not an hour! Imagine the easy and convenience!

From Government perspective the benefits will be:

  • No investment in speed radars required
  • No investment in toll gates
  • No investment in parking ticket machines
  • Cost benefits from fines, parking tickets and all other cost savings
  • The payback of this system is expected in less than 6 months, thereafter its only profits for the government and operators, and entertainment, convenience and safety for consumers
  • Airport Traffic Control like traffic management, for example a fast car is approaching you from behind, an automated Push to Talk message can alert you depending on other cars in your location to change lane and even in how many meters or seconds avoiding accidents as much as possible
  • Advanced software, allowing numeric and voice input to aid convenience and safety while driving, police hotline connection at the touch of a button or voice command, menu options for GPS, entertainment, traffic updates and live update option for the software

The next step is a meeting of the stakeholders i.e. Government leaders, operators, handset manufacturers and software vendors to chalk out the operational details.

For more details and participation in the project, please contact Imran O Kazmi on or Cellphone +971 50 5849562 or +44 750 9184690


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