I’m a GPHR, consultant, motivational speaker, movie producer and tech entrepreneur, I’ve outlined some prospective common grounds for further interaction.

Look forward to learning a bit about your current challenges or plans; and how, based on the following, there might be an area of interest.

I’m a peace activist, writer and speaker on anti-terrorism, good governance, technological innovation in telecom operators, handsets, apps, HR/education, and politics for the last 10 years, writing a book on the same. I’m in the US for a brief while speaking to the Rotary Clubs on Peace and anti-Terrorism – click here to see a brief Prezi teaser— on another note, I am available to speak to large or small groups on any motivational topic, or consult any enterprise / business on the balanced scorecard (I’m GPHR certified, click here to see my detailed profile) also open to discussions relating to agency representation of products and services for the Mideast and Pakistan market. I have several technology related ideas too, portals for used mobile phones, cars, video CVs and global conferences for investors, get in touch if interested, see overview here. I’m also a music and art lover at a personal level.

I’d also like to know where your life journey is taking you and whether you see any chances of collaboration given the above.

Look forward to hear / meet if in the US or virtually over whatsapp / skype iokazmi—should you wish to interact more intimately, do connect on Facebook where I write regularly on different topics of global and corporate interest.




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