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Professionally, to add value to a business or non-profit in a leadership capacity in the areas of general management, marketing, business strategy, training, development, process development and enhancement, human resources, and performance management. Qualified GPHR (Global Professional for Human Resources) from North American, HRCI.

Career History

Chief Thinking Officer, Synergize Group

I speak on anti terrorism to the Americans at the Rotary Clubs, wait, I’m the least likely candidate to do that, no books, no speeches in the UN (yet!) and of course no paraphernalia and drama associated with “such” people, your VERY average, down to earth, practical guy who is still looking to make ends meet! So what makes ME different? The fact that I am far more original, honest and outspoken then many you’d have ever known, above all, I CARE for people, not just “my” kind or type as the world seems to see ever so often.

Sep 2001 todate, Dubai, UAE/Pk/UK

Self owned group of firms. Looked after the key activities of training & consulting of a diverse range of government, public sector, national & multinational clients through with different teams assigned for various projects relating to HR, training, recruitment, IT & marketing consulting. Experience here included dealing with overseas work partners & leading brands & manufacturing concerns within the region of Pakistan, USA & UAE


  • Business assistance in HR, Marketing and IT functions
  • Defining training, HR & Marketing consulting and IT consulting client deliverables, process flow and accountability
  • Strategic needs analysis
  • HR and Training needs analysis
  • Marketing and sales needs analysis
  • Information technology needs analysis
  • Resource management and creation and enhancement of work processes to achieve client goals
  • Creation of strategic alliances and partnerships


  • Established Synergize group in telecom, HR and Marketing strategy markets in Asia and MidEast region
  • Conducted private and public training workshops on soft skills like management, leadership, TQM, BPR, ISO, Benchmarking, customer care, selling and sales management for a diverse range of clients
  • Worked across almost all possible industries from finance & banking, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, governments, NGOs and telcos among a few
  • Designed & delivered various training projects in the areas of soft skills for clients like Unilever, P&G, Wyeth, ABN Amro Bank, UBL, Roche, Merck Marker, Pfizer, Shell, Nokia Middle East etc
  • Designed some unique programs to cater specific client needs such as ‘changing mindsets’. Worked with clients to measure training impact to justify the investment
  • Established consulting and training alliance with Dubai Quality Group, – the premier government owned quality and soft skills training provider in UAE
  • Handled recruitment and executive search for clients
  • Managed recruitment projects for various clients to head hunt the right candidates for positions such as national sales manager, head of marketing & medical reps. My role was to work with HR specialists & taking part in screening, interviewing, assessing & short listing the right candidates
  • Implemented balanced score card and its self-created enhancement CRSCube performance management framework coupled with strategy creation and fine tuning at a bank and an oil & gas conglomerate

Project leader to implement balanced score card in Pakistan State Oil (PSO)

  • USD 1 billion company, top player in oil distribution in Pakistan market having 82% share in the black oil market & 61% share in the white oil market
  • This was an excellent opportunity to work on various commercial & strategic aspects of many business units of the oil & gas industry
  • This was also a great exposure to public sector while working with market leader against multinational giants such as Shell & Caltex

Project leader to implement balanced score card in National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

  • The largest bank within the public sector having about 15,000 employees & 1200+ branches within Pakistan & overseas
  • very challenging task to deal with red tape, old systems & highly departmentalized organization with huge setup & tough expectations
  • Worked with various levels of strategic business units such as Corporate & Investment Banking, Credit Management, Operations, Risk Management, Audit & Inspection, HR & Admin, Commercial & retail, Treasury, IT & special assets groups
  • So far it was the most learning experience at strategic level & project scope dealt with working with senior corporate leaders to define strategies for each business unit for sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Defined key objectives, key customers & identified KPIs for each business unit
  • Prepared business plans and handled advertising ATL/BTL for a major telco

Project leader to prepare comprehensive business plan for one of the telecom hand set distributors in Pakistan (MobileZone)

  • The business plan was prepared to achieve Nokia distribution ship for the region & included methodical planning for operations, designing ATL & BTL marketing campaigns, commercial feasibility, & sales forecast & setting up multiple channels of resellers nationwide
  • This earned the distributorship & successful launch of MobileZone in 2002 & at the moment it’s the largest mobile phone seller in Pakistan having distributorship for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Motorola & Samsung.
  • MobileZone later expanded in the regions of Afghanistan & Bangladesh. I have worked personally for launching multiple brands working with telecom operators & handset manufacturers
  • Ran an IT business with web and software product development, and leveraged it into advertising
  • Managed team of web developers & software programmers to design systems & programs for different industries. This included developing
  • Sales analysis & motivation system for pharmaceutical concerns
  • Designing a doctor portal for a hospital in the USA
  • Designing websites for various clients based in APAC, USA & UK
  • My role was dealing with customers & understanding system requirements & later translating the same for the team of developers, managing deadlines & delivering final product to the customers.

Regional Director MENA, Psiloc Middle East

Jun 2007 to Jun 2010, Dubai, UAE

Psiloc is a European (Polish) provider of mobile handsets software, mainly in Symbian operating system however, with capability in Blackberry/Java, Windows Mobile, Google Android & Apple OS for iPhone as well.


  • Marketing management, product planning and business forecasting
  • Human resource management, allocation and performance management
  • Office and resources general management
  • Company representation to clients, regulators and general public
  • Market research & feedback to the head office as to which products to develop, which clients & areas to target


  • Established Psiloc in operator segment in MENA & AP region like Etisalat, du, Warid, Ufone, Mobilink, Spice India, Telenor and others in the region
  • Increased and enhanced handset manufacturer (Nokia, SE, Blackberry) and distributor relationships for Psiloc
  • Innovated new “sync” product to sync phone data to web/email
  • Setup presence and office in Dubai Internet City, liaised with regulators

Chief Marketing Officer, CommGlobal Inc

Jan 2007 to June 2007, Dubai, UAE

Managed multiple partners & brands under the umbrella of Commglobal in this dynamic role of marketing representative. Commglobal had prestigious telecom brands such as SAF Tehnika, Eogogics, Airspan among a few


  • Marketing and sales management, planning and forecasting
  • Managed multiple cross cultural and cross functional teams to achieve client objectives


  • Responsible to manage all internal delivery & business development related affairs for a 50 million Euro market capitalization company SAF Tehnika with an annual turnover of 13 million+ Euros
  • In charge for managing relationship with all major telecom operators in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar, Iran, Kuwait & Oman for data transmission/e learning companies such as Eogogics & AirSpan
  • Set up cellular network/radio stations for one of the leading telecom operator in Afghanistan contributing towards the Afghanistan re-building project while working with multiple agencies from various countries

Nokia Academy (IHS Dubai)

Jun 2004 to Jan 2007, Dubai, UAE/Pk

Independently carried out training sessions on new Nokia products including marketing, sales training, customer care training modules, hands-on training sessions on new products, technology training programs.


  • Training needs analysis
  • Content creation, customization and management
  • Resources, delivery process and time management
  • Nokia image management


  • Helped make Nokia training programs more interactive while at the same time handled large crowds of even 200+ people with ease & was considered a role model for other trainers
  • Enhanced the training delivery by upgrading the training procedures
  • Developed & delivered programs on soft skills like leadership, communication, interpersonal skills, management, development program etc
  • Developed & created training programs on technical skills like hands-on training
  • Analyzed & provided advice on the training & management methods
  • Conducted assessment & proposed suggestions on training environment, methods, systems & procedures.

Axiom Telecom, Nokia Distributors

Sep 1999 to Aug 2001

I was assigned to set up one of UAE’s largest telecom operations in Pakistan which is a major Nokia distributor. Project scope included launching Nokia in Pakistan, setting up Nokia concept store & service centre, hiring a team for running front & back end operations, designing marketing campaign, establishing network of resellers & channels of handset import


  • Setup business and 24 hour service outlet
  • Resources, delivery process and time management
  • Government relations and representation in front of the highest possible levels
  • Repair centre staff management
  • Nokia image management


  • Launched Nokia concept store & 24 hour service centre, while working with resellers across different regions of Pakistan
  • Established a Nokia repair and service centre in Pakistan first, and todate only, 24 hour sales and service centre
  • Created marketing campaigns for Nokia in Pakistan, launched the Nokia 3310 and launched SMS in Pakistan alongside Mobilink, the biggest GSM operator
  • Worked with telecom operators to team up for various marketing associations & co – branding
  • A major contribution was to work with the Government of Pakistan
  • Worked with ministries & regulatory agencies to alter policies for the import of handsets for overall smoothing of operations vide SRO 391/2001 which was issued by the Central Board of Revenue after my extensive efforts to curb the black market of mobile phones by applying transparency in the system through taxing telcos on behalf of the smaller & more corrupt handsets providers
  • This led to acclaim & respect in the government sectors for a gross inflow of more than USD 1 billion to the public fund due to this initiative alone
  • Worked alongside all key government Ministers in Finance, Telecom & Investments on the project, have letters from the Government to the effect of my involvement
  • Had the indirect support of the then President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharaf in the task through pushing my ideas & memos to the right people in the system

Knoll Pharmaceuticals (then BASF now Abbott Labs)

Sep 1996 to Apr 1999

I worked more as an internal consultant than an employee, given the power, authority and responsibilities given at a major German pharmaceutical. Trained medial reps & further worked towards designing culture change programs for middle & senior level managers, handled distribution and IT roles and was involved in marketing management and business modeling.


  • Training needs analysis
  • Content creation, customization and management
  • Resources, delivery process and time management
  • Marketing services requirements assessment and delivery
  • Marketing management and business modeling
  • Product distribution process fine tuning


  • Trained medical reps to target their communication towards doctors (target market) in a more focused & professional manner
  • Worked hard to instill soft skills such as time management, effective communication, running successful meetings & planning visits/calls for doctors
  • Developed small tools such as induction kits, literature guides & call planners for medial reps, proved to be very effective in heavy literature led pharmaceutical industry
  • Helped reorganize the company’s sales operation to business units
  • Created & implemented motivation & recognition scheme from self edited Newsletter to national conferences to recognize star performers
  • In short worked more as an internal consultant than an employee, was used in many places by the management, hence encouraged to start my consulting & training business, Synergie Consultants
  • Exercised conflict resolution skills to handle conflicts & devising bonus/sales commission system for the sales team

Mobilink GSM (ex Motorola)

Jun 1994 to Jun 1996

Worked in this position for Mobilink (started as a GSM operator with 70% equity stake by Motorola USA). I initially worked as in direct sales when the company and cellular industry was in its infancy stages, giving me an orientation of telecom industry and a complete knowledge of market dynamics. I was promoted to the head office looking after marketing research, international roaming and marketing management


  • Training needs analysis
  • Content creation, customization and management
  • Resources, delivery process and time management
  • Marketing services requirements assessment and delivery
  • Marketing management and business modeling
  • Product distribution process fine tuning


  • Sold mobile phones (considered a high –end luxury item) through corporate sales and personal selling for individual sales
  • Developed proposals for corporate sales for volume sales of handsets and connections
  • Took part in planning marketing strategies for mobile phone and franchise resellers
  • Handled GSM MoU in Dublin, Ireland, (the overall regulatory body of GSM) to initiate international roaming agreements with Mobilink.
  • Conducted training on sales and customer care, communication and negotiation skills for new hires, this led me to get a job offer from one of our famous trainers KZR associates (their owner Kamran Rizvi is now settled in Canada) which made me realize my potential as a trainer and hence led me to switch my career path from marketing to training.

Pakistan Tobacco Company (subsidiary of BAT, UK)

May 93 to Jan 94

Worked as an Area Manager for Pakistan Tobacco (a wholly owned subsidiary of British-American Tobacco, Uk based tobacco giant) and looked after below-the-line activities for important territory.


  • Man and resource management
  • Had a team of 8 Territory reps whom I led to achieve BTL merchandising and sales promotion objectives
  • Organize sports activities like cricket, golf and local events
  • Organize BTL sales promotions and film shows to increase product usage


  • Designed and delivered BTL marketing campaigns for various towns and villages
  • Arranged company sponsored sports activities like golf tournaments, international cricket matches or local games
  • Looked after branding and advertising activities through merchandising and retail management
  • Travelled extensively within rural areas to collect marketing intelligence for competing brands and getting familiar with the whole manufacturing process. This involved visiting tobacco fields and factories and various distribution channels.


  • MBA (Bi- majors in marketing and finance) from the Institute of Business Development (IBA), Karachi, Pakistan in 1992
  • BBA from the Institute of Business Development (IBA), Karachi, Pakistan in 1991

Profile and Value

Human Capital Development

  • Branded as ‘people person’, inspired, motivated and influenced young and seasoned professionals from cross functional teams. Identified as a catalyst in change management process through open communication and culture change initiatives. Takes pride in developing people through training, coaching, counseling and training and considers it the biggest contribution towards commercial success of the organization

Strategic Planning

  • Being a visionary, worked on long term goals and applied strategic planning models such as balanced scorecard to define and map strategies of specific business units while aligning it to the overall mission and vision of an organization. Expert in corporate benchmarking strategies to determine organizational effectiveness and profitability in long run. Gifted with ‘out of the box’ thinking bringing innovative approaches and operational creativity at work

Operational Excellence

  • Successfully launched several startup companies in different geographic regions while complying with legal, infrastructural and procedural requirements considering the regional policies and laws. Established corporate offices in consistence with global branding and corporate guidelines. Consistently performed in high level operation initiatives such as turnaround management, organization restructuring, infrastructure design etc

Strong Result Orientation

  • Strong believer of ‘thoughts become things’, a ‘go –getter’ with strong perseverance couple with self motivation and drive for excellence. Accepted challenge of establishing new improved systems and changing policies and procedures to get desired outcomes. Proven track record of influencing law makers to bring a change in system.

Budget and Finance

  • Expert in business modeling to balance cost and revenues and reduced/eliminated unnecessary expenses

Personal, extracurricular & interests

  • Pakistani National: Born 5th August 1970 at Karachi, Pakistan
  • Games: Cricket, Golf, Football, regular Gym activities
  • My journey through life:
  • Passion: Animal lover, world peace, happy workplace and go-green activist

References are available on request.


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