Synopsis-Crystal Heart / Imran Kazmi

  • I’m a good human being who has positively and ethically impacted his environment, be it the corporate world, or politics or human rights. I’m an inventor and expert in Human Resources, Telcom/IT & Branding and a public speaker & motivator, I’ve incubated unique online businesses

Work Experience

  • CRSCube, 2001 to present, Chief Thinking Officer: Trained the world over, consulted top notch banks, oil & gas and others. Balanced score card, marketing, branding and Human Resources. Trained on soft skills, communication, leadership, customer service, sales, negotiation, time management. Multinational clients in transportation, telecom and ICT
  • Nokia/Axiom, 1999-2001, Country Head: Setup national framework for handsets industry, innovative branding and service outlet
  • Knoll/BASF, 1996-1999, Marketing & Training Manager: Reignited rankers & old team with new energy, developed & motivated team through multiple inputs in recruitment, IT, training 150 managers/team, and recognition
  • Motorola/Mobilink, 1994-1996, Sales & Marketing: Worked for one of the largest telecom firms of its time in research, sales and planning
  • British-American Tobacco/PTC, 1993-1994, Merchandising & Distribution: Distribution, events (sports like cricket, golf, polo etc) at regional level and merchandising for region


  • Inventor of the only model enhancement over the Balanced Score Card made outside the US, which ensures its success under any circumstances, public or private sector and any ownership structure or culture
  • Spread positivity with Positive Mindsets course I created in 1996 and conducted for hundreds of firms globally some free of cost as part of CSR-inspired / trained 2,000 people the world over
  • Presented at global conferences like MECOM (Abu Dhabi) on ICT future, IPSEF (Dubai) on future of education
  • Frequent contributor in press and radio on technology and human development, founder of Democracy 2.0 using innovative tools to control hate & crime using
  • Recognized as a philanthropist and fighter for rights of the poor, women, children on electronic and social media and literacy based solutions to terrorism


  • MBA, BBA (Hons) from Wharton / UPenn est in 1992
  • GPHR (Global Professional of Human Resources) from in 2009


  • James Kushner, President Rotary Club Inwood NYC, USA
  • Paul O’Loughlin Kennedy, CEO, WiniTechnologies Ireland,


  • Voice +1 929 302 6969 / +1 646 741 3320 Email
  • GPHR, MBA, BBA (Hons)

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