Kode of Konduct

Resolving religious hate with KoK or KodeOfKonduct, by His Royal and Spiritual Highness, Crystal Heart Kazmi, linked with Global Police Force – a new code of conduct or perhaps an amalgamation of whatever is “good” in different religions, for the open minded.

The fundamental questions

Throughout ages, mankind has struggled for answers to two questions, why we exist? and how to have some form or manner of order in this world?

Answers to where we came from and why? Are we going someplace else, somehow, till mortal life do us part? Or just dust and bones or meals perhaps for the food chain? The second being a quest for order, predictability, sustainability of life that requires rules and someone to implement those rules, and of course, some basis for those rules.

Religion, Atheism and existence

Mark Knopfler sang almost 30 years back “a long time ago came a man on this track, walking thirty miles with a sack on his back,

Thus came religion, whether man or God made, that is a debate only the end of life can confirm, or deny. Religion explained the where we came from and why, and also gave rules to live life by, gave a name to relationships, father, mother, siblings, cousins, friends, community, nation or faith and of course, enemies; who to go to bed with and whom not to. It gave a concept of what belongs to us and what doesn’t our rights and obligations and what happens if we fail to meet them, punitive measures implemented by the community or as we now call them the police and judiciary.

There were rules to live and die by, rules to kill by and rules to trade by. But then there wasn’t just one faith or religion controlling humanity, there were many. The prominent ones being Judaism, Christianity, Islam and to a lesser extent Hinduism and Buddhism. While religion united mankind it also sowed the seeds of dissension, envy and hate.

There existed through the ages a people who didn’t feel the need for an Almighty or His rules to lead them on, they used their own logic or sometimes religion borrowed principles that suited them and hence were born the Atheists. Liberal and welcoming towards humanity but with a chip on their shoulder when it comes to the religious kind. And vice versa for the Atheists were not approved off nor are by most faiths and faithful.

Thus today we have the three core faiths (besides others) of Judaism, Christianity and Islam polarizing humanity and Atheists who mock them for what they call “adults with imaginary friends.”

And in between the faiths we have, for thousands of years, seen war, rape, murder, hate, in the mosque or synagogue or the church or the temples of the faithful. Each group claims supremacy in this and the “other” world and claims that the heavens are theirs and that hell belongs to the rest, if they aren’t murdered or abused while still alive, more likely, those who disagree with their eternal spiritual religious views.

I have a thinking, logical and rational mind, and it refuses to buy into religious rhetoric but it does observe science and notes facts like the origin of life, the vast expanse of the universe measured by millions of light years and yet no signs of life anywhere but on planet earth. The works of Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan and Erich Von Daniken have shed light on possibilities of other creatures existing or a clear challenge at the laws of Physics at the quantum level. In some cases proof of aliens inhabiting planet earth and perhaps indoctrinating our ancestors with some “faith”

Different Gods, identical Demons

For some it’s Yahweh, Holy Trinity for others, Bhagwan for some and Allah for others.

No matter what the Deity is called, the outcomes aren’t very different, blood on the streets of Myanmar, or at Ground Zero near the once World Trade Centre, or the London or Bombay Subway, or the Pakistan Army School near Peshawer, or the streets of Gaza, or the bus in Tel Aviv, or the streets of Srinagar. Horror, murder and fear reigns supreme. All in the name of some God, they say He loves and is bountiful but on the streets one see blood and death, all over media, all over this world.

Here is just ONE example of religion based extremism when an 8 day old boy attempted to murder for being “evil” by his own parents!

The demons are pretty obvious, but the loving part, sadly, is not. Yet to its credit, were it not for religion many of the morals or ethics that define society, trade and relationships would not exist either.

I often watch with immense amusement the “faith” and conviction with which the “faithful” defend their faiths, whether with arguments, from the light and polite to the aggressive to the verbally or physically abusive. Conviction doesn’t impress me, kindness does. And most people who swear allegiance to some “Holy” God have not an iota of kindness in them … for their counterparts, going by own logic, were the others or “gentiles” creation of another “God”? Was it not an accident of birth that one was or is called the follower of so and so faith? How many change their “faiths” through their lifetime? Hardly any in percentage terms, then why be so proud of what your parents believed in and demeaning of what someone else’s believed in? For is this not what it boils down to? Imagine twins exchanged at birth and I do recall an instance where they grew up in different faiths. Ironic that their “real” parents were allied to a God that was perhaps at loggerheads with the God their adopted parents had.

Sadly, tons of logic wouldn’t move the faithful to the simple realization that even IF a God existed and He or She happened to be one that they believed in, there is no logical argument for a God to hate his disbelievers for He created them as well! And hence since one loves one’s creations, one would want them to love each other too, despite any racial, ethnic or religious divide for the source is the same for all, going by religious notions of Adam and Eve as the first humans.

Making the faithful concur

Now isn’t that the trillion dollar question? Many firmly believe that there are certain “secret societies” and “rich families” who perhaps worship the devil and would never let peace prevail upon earth.

I could partly agree that money and power can result in the collusion of many in our world today to wreak havoc on helpless, poor and powerless mankind, however, the internet and social media have empowered the helpless too. Which is where I come in; as a peace activist for the last decade almost I’ve left no stone unturned that a lone man can possibly use to spread my message of love and peace to the world.

Hence I present to you, the masses of this world, the reader of this “new way of life”, it’s borrowed heavily from the “good” in religious teachings as well as scholarly work of Atheism; or KoK (Kode of Konduct) – the goodie bag of happiness and peace.

Embrace it, adopt it, adapt it, propagate it and I am sure the world will become a much happier place that what it is today.

Founding principles of KoK

Given the background of KoK we are ready to delve into the proposed founding principles of this “faith” or “way of life” or “kode of konduct” as I call it. The objective being to ensure humanity lives in peace and happiness.

1 All men and women are created equals, race, gender, ethnicity does not make one better than another

2 All people who follow any faith or Atheism deserve respect as long as their followers do not impose their views on others or in physical, verbal or emotional terms intend to harm another

3 All faiths contain good and bad elements when seen from the perspective of peaceful coexistence

  1. The good elements of all faiths, for example
  2. “love thy neighbor”
  3. “speak the truth”

iii. “do not steal or rob”

  1. “help the poor and needy”

and so forth can be summed up as “commandments” into a Least Common Denominator of all faiths

  1. The not so good elements of all faiths, for example
  2. Discriminating people within the faith (as in Hindu caste system)
  3. Forcing people to not marry or have sex even if its’ willful (some Church members, Nuns, Buddhist Priests)

iii. Expecting people to be bound in a bond (some Hindu widows not allowed to remarry, forms of slavery)

  1. Rites and rituals putting the young or old in harm’s way (“Matam” or mourning using knives by the Shias among Muslims)
  2. Asking people to ridicule other faiths, destroying their places of worship and even kill them (in Islam making fun of other faiths or their practices, among Jews calling others “gentiles”, the Buddhists in how they treat the Rohingyas in Myanmar and so forth)
  3. Child marriages as apparent in different faiths (Islam, Hinduism and others)

vii. Forced marriages in different faiths (among Muslims not by the teachings but practices and rituals, Hindus, and others)

viii. Family marriages by force (as in Parsis or Fire Worshippers originated from Iran, by practice in Muslims, Hindus and other faiths)

  1. Unequal rights of men and women (as in Hinduism, Islam and other faiths)
  2. Harsh punishments for “sins” as in cutting hands for robbery (Islam), and other faiths
  3. Child and women abuse (allowing to beat women and children as in Islam and perhaps in other faiths too)

xii. Restricting or disallowing divorce (Hinduism, Christians, some sects of Islam)

xiii. Restricting or disallowing marriages in other faiths (almost all faiths) or making the same conditional (conversion)

xiv. Satan and devil worshippers, cannibals, flesh eaters and so forth that defy basics of peaceful co-existence

This list as you’d have gathered is not exhaustive, however, indicative of how religious teachings are used to restrict basic rights of people and even enslave or torment humankind.

How do we implement KoK?

Here’s the real challenge! Easy to brainstorm and improve upon principles but hard to make sense of them to the world, especially “the powers that be” whether they are for or not for religion or Atheism, have their own agendas often contradicting with peaceful coexistence due a lust for power and money often in collusion. Sadly, many a times the troika of evil cuts across different faiths.

All that is required for a person to “embrace KoK” is to call himself a Kokasian and lo and behold the Lords of the Universe, Angels, good Spirits and Saints, not to mention His Holiness the late Bertrand Russel and Sri Sri Ravishanker of the Art of Living all shower their blessings on you.

What do we achieve out of KoK?

Benefits are not limited to the following:

  • A happy and peaceful world
  • A war free world
  • A prosperous world where people trade freely and happily across borders
  • A world where human potential is given importance
  • A common quest to alleviate suffering, poverty and discrimination from the world

So whatever you think of it – religion, doctrine, guidelines, just think of it as a more human friendly approach!


Press Release: For Governments’ session chaired and speech delivered on 26 April 2009 at MECOM Abu Dhabi from 4-430pm

(This was the second day of MECOM 09, Government Day Conference detail at http://www.mecomexpo.com/Government-Public-Sector.html focussing on telco Government leaders and vendors from Etisalat, du, the Gartner Group, Avaya, IBM, University of Ioannina
Greece, Vfirst, Abjad, Microsoft and Strategy2Action/Psiloc, location information at http://www.adnec.ae/visitor/travel/)

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Mobile phones to take a multifunctional role in driving increasing safety and entertainment.

Something new and exciting is about to happen at MECOM 2009 (Abu Dhabi) on 26 May 2009 in a presentation by the Regional Director MENA of Psiloc and Chief Thinking Officer of Strategy2Action, Imran Owais Kazmi – a NEW perspective on mobile phones successful marriage with car, driver, police and operators is about to be unveiled.

Download pdf Presentation with concept and mechanics

Download Network Diagram

Imran, a seasoned consulting, telecom operator, handset and software professional with a global history of innovation says “we normally think of mobile phones only for calling, texting, games or browsing only, however, when driving, using mobiles, as research has indicated can be WORSE than drunk driving leading to disability, accident or loss of life.

The theme of this presentation is to “GET FAR MORE OUT OF A GPS MOBILE PERSONALLY AND FROM A GOVERNMENT ANGLE THEN EVER DREAMT POSSIBLE” this is done through using a dedicated GPS car mobile connected with a mobile network using an advanced software for multiple uses including music, entertainment, calling, toll deductions, over speeding and traffic fines, parking fines, accident and emergency management.

The key benefits to users will be:

  • use a dedicated car GPS mobile as a car entertainment system providing radio, music connected to car audio system via FM or auxiliary input muting whenever a call is initiated or received
  • GPS location services to get to your destination with ease

From traffic management perspective the benefits are numerous:

  • users will be informed in advance of virtual GPS based toll gates (no expensive and cumbersome hardware investment at roads or vehicles, or recharge mechanism required by Government to install or erect such gates)
  • users will be able to pay as soon as they cross automatically by their mobile balance hence no need to waste time and buy “recharge” cards for toll gates, this can lead to much lower charge rates for consumers, possibility to “MICRO” focus on traffic congestion points
  • users can be charged for traffic fine either by their mobile account or linked credit card account
  • Accident and emergency health management will be at the touch of button or voice command
  • Communication can be done via PUSHTOTALK technology using car charger so it is CONSTANT COMMUNICATION POSSIBILITY BETWEEN DRIVER AND POLICE
  • No need for parking machines, using GPS the charged zones will automatically be billed to the users for as long as they are parked and it can be pro rata as well, that is if you charge for 10 minutes you are paying ONLY for 10 minutes, not an hour! Imagine the easy and convenience!

From Government perspective the benefits will be:

  • No investment in speed radars required
  • No investment in toll gates
  • No investment in parking ticket machines
  • Cost benefits from fines, parking tickets and all other cost savings
  • The payback of this system is expected in less than 6 months, thereafter its only profits for the government and operators, and entertainment, convenience and safety for consumers
  • Airport Traffic Control like traffic management, for example a fast car is approaching you from behind, an automated Push to Talk message can alert you depending on other cars in your location to change lane and even in how many meters or seconds avoiding accidents as much as possible
  • Advanced software, allowing numeric and voice input to aid convenience and safety while driving, police hotline connection at the touch of a button or voice command, menu options for GPS, entertainment, traffic updates and live update option for the software

The next step is a meeting of the stakeholders i.e. Government leaders, operators, handset manufacturers and software vendors to chalk out the operational details.


Planet Earth, June 26, 2009: Homo Sapiens just lost one of their most loved soul-mate to their counterparts in Angeldom up there in HEAVENEVER NEVER LAND.

“Mikey” Michael Jackson has left many speechless … thoughtless perhaps, there’s no escaping the jaws of the angel of death, the Thriller has gone, we just can’t Beat It, no matter what Billie Jean says we just can’t live it Off the Wall.

Wanna be startin something? All I need is One more chance, we need to Heal the world and it’s not always Black or white.

Paul can say anything, but the Girl is mine, I’m her forever lover you know, Say say say, what you want but don’t play games with my affection, you you you, stay away … words fail.

Eddie opens Doors but the world has closed its doors, so beat it.

No one wants to be defeated.

But the KoP has gone, Mikey is no more.

None of us want to believe, none of us can believe, amidst our tears, tangled in his music, his sweet voice, his faith in tomorrow, but tomorrow shall not see him, for he will see us from HeaveNever Never Land. Weeping, moving, thinking, drifting, grieving…

His death.



Rotary Clubs of New York Presentation

I’m a GPHR (Global Professional of Human Resources from HRCI, US), management consultant, motivational speaker, movie producer and tech entrepreneur, I’ve outlined some prospective common grounds for further interaction.

Look forward to learning a bit about your current challenges or plans; and how, based on the following, there might be an area of interest.

I’m a peace activist, writer and speaker on anti-terrorism, good governance, technological innovation for cost reduction / speedy delivery in governance, telecom operators, handsets, apps, HR/education, and politics for the last 10 years, writing a book on the same. I’m in the US for a brief while speaking to the Rotary Clubs on Peace and anti-Terrorism – click here to see a brief Prezi teaser— on another note, I am available to speak to large or small groups on any motivational topic, or consult any enterprise / business on the balanced scorecard (I’m GPHR certified, click here to see my detailed profile) also open to discussions relating to agency representation of products and services for the Mideast and Pakistan market. I have several technology related ideas too, portals for used mobile phones, cars, video CVs and global conferences for investors, get in touch if interested, see overview here. I’m also a music and art lover at a personal level.

I’d also like to know where your life journey is taking you and whether you see any chances of collaboration given the above.

Look forward to hear / meet if in the US or virtually should you wish to interact more intimately, do connect on Facebook where I write regularly on different topics of global and corporate interest.


Cell US +1 929 302 6969 AE +971 55 8094119



President Macron

My dream is:


1 GREENIFICATION OF DESERTS see growuae.wordpress.com
3 CONTROLLING “RELIGIONS” with a KODE OF KONDUCT (at http://www.blahblah.info)
4 UBERSHARE to reduce private vehicle consumption by a MINIMUM 20% WORLD OVER

I’d only read about you, but truly this is a GREAT INITIATIVE only a GLOBAL LEADER (then some dealmaker No 45 can make) I hate the HEATING PLANET, for the last TEN years I have researched on it esp the ARABIAN GULF / GCC countries where fossil fuel abuse is HEATING the planet BESIDES irresponsible industries elsewhere, I made a COMPLETE PROJECT PROPOSAL to turn the DESERTS OF THE WORLD GREEN using ARTIFICIAL RIVERS some of which is at https://growuae.wordpress.com/ the rest is proprietary and can be shared if desired, I also am in favor of WATERWAYS in city with paddle boats then CARS or subways to reduce emissions and a GREENER planet.

Many initiatives for a greener planet:

1 Making DESERTS of the world GREEN using ARTIFICIAL rivers and also REDUCING mercury by resultant cloud formation & rainfall some details at growuae.wordpress.com rest is proprietary can be shared on a 1on1 basis, been researching this for 6 years

2 Autonomous cars and police management that reduces accidents; paper presented at international conference https://imranokazmi.wordpress.com/mecompress-release/

3 Reducing terrorism (YES ALL THE WEAPONS USED, the bombs and guns and fighter jet fuel, INCREASES GLOBAL WARMING!) many plans simplest at https://imranokazmi.wordpress.com/objectives/ and WORLD PEACE & PROSPERITY BRIEF PRESENTATION AT https://prezi.com/gilbuy5swiak/world-peace-and-prosperity/

4 WATER TRANSPORT IN CITIES, a small project that aims at doing away with cars and metros in cities ultimately by using paddle boats and solar vessels in INTERCITY and INTRA CITY transport rechannelising water WHERE POSSIBLE

5 I have INVENTED a RELIGION 🙂 (that’s a joke) but SERIOUSLY it’s called KODE OF KONDUCT and the idea is to STOP JUDGING AND HATING and having a GLOBAL POLICE FORCE with developed countries participation ensure all is well see http://www.blahblah.info

6 UBERSHARING of cars ESPECIALLY offices and schools so ONE car does NOT carry TWO passengers ONLY (one mother and her child!) I’ve written papers on this too, can be shared if needed, WILL REDUCE GASOLINE CONSUMPTION BY ATLEST 20% IN PRIVATE VEHICLES WORLD OVER