Art of Humanity

I am thinking of forming a glorious global organization called THE ART OF HUMANITY where the aim is to transcend all boundaries of faith, borders, race, ethnicity, color, language or orientation to a common human form where respect and love for another human being becomes mandatory

Isn’t it sad that while we have advanced so much in technology and manners we are still light years behind in love and acceptance of fellow human beings? Look at the conflicts all over the world, whether due land or religion, are they justified? It is ironical that people wear different hats only because of a “flag” they are supposedly born with, which is based on physical boundaries, which have changed umpteen times since the dawn of humanity and so they shall as we go along

My question is simple: Why can’t we humans let go of our egos and parental or governmental or religious teachings of hatred towards fellow human beings?

My vision is simple: That this group or organization, one day challenges the concepts of hatred and “enemy state” or “enemy religion” or “enemy color/race” all over the world. Oblivious to the fact that humanity is plagued by poverty (90% of our world is poor in real terms), malnutrition, sickness, crime (prevalent all over the world even the so-called “developed” world)

My aim is simple: To unite all global governments, armies and intelligence agencies to fight hatred, crime, poverty, and intolerance

Is it too much to ask? I think not, I think we as humans have graduated beyond pettiness, if only we inspire ourselves and others around us, my entire life is an example where I went beyond my personal needs and aims to help this amazing but regressive planet

Will you support this one-man army for global peace, love, acceptance, and collaboration called CrystalHeart Kazmi? Challenge your demons, of who is the enemy, who is good and who is bad, and then challenge those of society. Until a day comes when we all are ONE as our Creator originally made us

It is inspired by my first ever in life venture for change at back in 2007

Lighting up the darkness

Inspiring humans to be “better humans” for three decades, CrystalHeart has been writing and philosophizing on areas of human development, women’s empowerment and the hopelessly impoverished that we all know, even talk about, but seldom address

Professionally, he’s been transforming businesses, training on leadership and speaking at global events on change and a positive new world order including the Rotary Clubs of New York, MECOM, IPSEF

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